• Human Resources Policy
    It is part of the institutions policy over the years, to engage experienced lecturers who do not only give lectures but also mark IJMB examination
  • There is a functional committee that sees to the unruly behavior of students in the institution. They investigate, interview and make decisions on matters before them, and passes their recommendations to the management for approval. The punishment ranges from fine, suspension or expulsion depending on the nature of the offence.
  • Payment of stipulated school fees on admission is compulsory but where a parent could not pay at once, such a parent will fill a payment modality form and sign an undertaking which is subject to the management’s approval. All payments are to be made to the designated banks with bank teller.
  • All Science students are bound to attend the practical classes in a white overall at all times.
  • The relationship is always cordial and the following programmes always strengthen it
    1. Orientation: Is a day set aside to orientate all students about all they need to know about IJMB programme and the institution DE-WISE CBRS
    2. Interactive Session: Is another forum where students meet the lecturers and management. Students ask questions freely on what they want to know.
    3. Counseling: There is a counseling unit where students feel free to discus their problems with the school counselor, who always offer good advice that proffers solution to their problems.
  • All students are expected to have at least 75% lecture attendace before they are qualified to write examinations. Lateness to the Lecture class is not allowed. Also, any student who is absent for a semester is assumed to have withdrawn from the programme.
  • Students will write promotional examination after they have been adequately taught before they can write the final IJMB examination.
  • There is a clinic in the institution that takes care of the first aid needs of the students and the case beyond this level is normally referred to our hospital for proper medical attention.